Outstanding Sports Project Award 2014 

‘Sport For All’ 
St Breock Primary School, Cornwall 
Nominated by: James Ross 
St Breock is a town school of 208 pupils in a rural/coastal area. It is in the lowest 20% area for deprivation based largely on unemployment and the nature of seasonal employment in the hospitality trade. 
The school is only 14 years old and was built in the town in order to provide places to complement an oversubscribed existing primary school. St Breock converted to an academy in August 2011. The school’s published admissions number is 30 and the school is full or over-subscribed in most year groups. 
A need for this project was identified through the school’s analysis of the uptake of children for after school and community sports clubs. It was a set as a priority in the school development plan based on effective use of the PE and sports grant which was granted to all primary schools. 
St Breock Primary School
A ‘high quality’ PE audit was carried out in the school followed by discussions the ‘School Games CREW’ about what sports they would like and identified areas where pupils needed improvement. 
The project began in the Autumn term (2013) and is set to continue into the future. As I write this article on the Award winning project, it continues to prove highly effective in increasing stamina, skills and health of the children as well as improving the behaviour of the children making Friday afternoons enjoyable for everyone. 
The programme is delivered for all children at 1.30pm-2.15pm every Friday. In the autumn term the school were able to offer a wide range of 18 different sporting activities such as dance, curling, indoor rowing, cycling, badminton and tennis to name but a few. Eight different activities are delivered each week. 
From ages 4-11, 204 pupils are involved in Sport For All. Links have been created between the school and the Cornwall Sports Partnership, Health Cornwall, the local health resort and the local secondary school. 
The school remains above the national average across all core subjects and is now in the highest 20 per cent of primary schools in the country. Whilst the school admits this cannot be put entirely down to Sport For All, pupil conferencing has suggested that the prospect of an extra hour of sport a week and trying something new has led to improved motivation, confidence, self-esteem and engagement of children across all subjects. 
This project has given the traditional Friday afternoon in school a sport focus and allowed St Breock to reward children whilst teaching them to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle. 
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