Health and Safety Award 2018 

"Keeping Healthy and Safe and Manging RIsk" 
Nominated by: Julie Curtis 
Sir Robert Geffrey's School in Cornwall wanted to make their children more aware of the aspects in Health and Safety and so included managing risk into their winning project.  
Following on from a school review at one of their health and safety meetings, they looked at ways in which this could be done.  
They looked at all avenues including; Fire Safety, sun safety, e-safety, drug awareness, farm safety, beach safety, road safety and many more..  
In order to teach the children to manage risk whilst still having fun was a big task, over the past few years they developed a School and Community Farm which includes a Scrap Store, which enables the children to become involved in the whole process of risks.  
Having made their children awareof potential hazards and concerns, they were taught that when there are crates being pulled around on the farm and battles being re-inacted with shieids made from bin lids and cardboard tubes as weapons it was important that they all understood with benefits but also bow to minimize accidents and injuries.  
On top of the farm, the children in the school learn how to do First Aid, how to make a 999 call, stop bleeding and using resuscitation Annies to do CPR! 
The project has become a part of the embedded daily practice within the school and has had a strong impact on learning. The children are all far more aware of potential risks in all aspects of life and are knowledgable on how to keep themselves safe.  
This means that they are keen to make the right decisions and so the school has less incidents relating to behaviour, better more purposeful play and less accidents.  
Congratulations Sir Robert Geffrey's School on winning The Community Education Awards  
"Health adn Safety Award 2018!"  
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