Action Against Bullying and Cyber Bullying Award 2018 

"St Saviours Netiquette Rules" 
Nominated by: Lucy Cornelius 
The Teachers at St Saviours' wanted their children to understand that bullying does not just take place face to face anymore in classrooms or in the playground, but can now occur in the safety of your own home, via a phone, laptop, gaming devise and tablet.  
St Saviours' wanted their children to be aware of the risks they may face online but to also how to think more about their own online presence. 
They therefore created a list of St Saviours' Netiquette Rules for creating a positive online and offline environment.  
Following a number of questionnaire that the school passed out to their children and their parents, the results were surprising.  
It was very apparent that despite children having access to or owning a digital devise a number of them we're not familiar with the term "Cyber Bullying". This inspired Miss Cornelius and the Computing Lead to act on ensuring all the children and their parents were aware of being safe online.  
They started their Cyber Bullying project with a whole school assembly, which was then broken down into smaller sections for each age of child including the Nursery children.  
The children were educated on what Cyber Bullying means, the signs to look out for and how to cope if they are ever a victim of online abuse. To be confident and know what to do and who they can approach if they come across content online that upsets or worries them, and to boost their self esteem and encourage them to be mindful of others and to think twice when making a comment or posting/sharing an image.  
St Saviours' Netiquette Rules project won the Award, as it reached the youngest of our generations as well as the oldest, in ensuring the children, parents and grandparents were full of the knowledge of what to look out for, how to recognise the signs a child may be being bullied online and also what to do about it.  
Lucy Cornelius, who is the instigator of this winning project said; "My aim is to help encourage our children to start talking more openly about bullying, both online and offline. I want children to feel great about themselves and not let comments from bullies or trolls damage their self-esteem. I also want the parents to be totally informed which is why I send them "Top Tech Tips" every week in the newsletter!"  
Congratulations to Lucy and all at St Saviours' Primary School on winning The Community Education Awards  
"Action Against Bullying and Cyber Bullying Award 2018!"  
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